• Mountain cycling
  • Hirayu nature walk
  • Snowshoeing hike

Get the most out of Hirayu Onsen's natural environment with three nature tour experiences

Situated in Chubusangaku National Park, Hirayu Onsen is a typical Japanese highland resort surrounded by a lush natural environment blessed with magnificent mountain views and bountiful hot springs.

Why not experience the unrivalled natural beauty of the Northern Japan Alps with all five senses and participate in some nature experiences to relax and detox to the max?

Fun in the snow
in the Northern Japan Alps!
Snowshoeing hike

Schedule Session 1: Wednesday January 18, 2023; 1:00 p.m. departure (12:40 p.m. meeting time)
Session 2: Thursday January 19, 2023; 1:00 p.m. departure (12:40 p.m. meeting time)
Session 3: Wednesday January 25, 2023; 1:00 p.m. departure (12:40 p.m. meeting time)
Session 4: Thursday January 26, 2023; 1:00 p.m. departure (12:40 p.m. meeting time)
Cost Free(Snowshoes & poles included)
Maximum participants 15 people per session (junior high school students and older)
*Bookings will close once the maximum number of participants has been reached.
Duration Approximately 2 hours

Reservaion required.

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Planned route

12:40 p.m.

Meet at Hirayu-no-Mori

Hirayu-no-Mori website

Google Map

1:00 p.m.


  • (exact route yet to be decided)
    *Route is subject to change depending on the weather
3:00 p.m.

Stop at Hirayu Folk Museum to sample a "Hantai Tamago" egg

All participants receive a complimentary soft-boiled Hantai Tamago egg!

Hantai Tamago egg
3:30 p.m.

Walk ends

Reservaion required.

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Getting to Hirayu Onsen

Highway bus from Tokyo is the most convenient way to reach Hirayu Onsen.
The journey only takes four and a half hours from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal.
If you are coming from Nagoya or Osaka, the bus ride is only one hour from Takayama.

See here for more transport information

Download the Hirayu Onsen map (3.1Mb PDF file)

Points to note

*The above tours are being run on a trial basis and are therefore subject to change depending on participants and weather conditions.

*The itinerary times and details may change if the Japanese government or Gifu prefectural government enforces shorter operating hours or declares a state of emergency.

*The tours are being run on a trial basis with the use of grant money from the Japan Tourism Agency.

Participants are therefore kindly requested to fill in a survey form at the completion of their tour.

Participants are asked to confirm that they abide by the following requirements:

Wearing a mask when required during the event to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Having their body temperature taken before the event commences.

Not taking part in the event if they feel unwell or if they suspect they may have come into close contact with an infected person.

Acknowledging that the event may be suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore the great outdoors in Chubusangaku National Park
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